Adult Literacy Centers

Manthan has organized Adult Literacy Centers in which 47 women and adolescents become literate and able to read and write empowered and came out form the curse of illiteracy.

Health Camps

In Manthan, Health camps organization in the rural areas is our regular activities since beginning. Each year we have organized several health camps on Mother and Child Care, Nutrition, RCH, Malaria etc. Doctors, Health and Nutrition specialist from the district head quarter came and attend the camps as resource persons. Till date about 3500 people all together benefited from those camps.

Cutting & Stitching Training

Cutting and stitching training has been organized by our organization time to time. Numbers of women and Adolescents girls are being trained in the same trade and about 50 women are now being self-reliant after completion of the training.

Computer Training

Training to the youths on ‘Computer’ is one of our regular activities. Till date about 300 youths trained on computer and all most all the youths being employed in office, factories and shops.

Environment Awareness Camp

Environment awareness is one of our priority working areas. Each year we have been organized Environment Awareness Camp in which local school children, youths and people in general were participated. Till date about 3000 people all together attended our camps and aware on environment issues.

Tree Plantation

Plantation of Trees is also one of our regular activities in each rainy session. We have been plated trees in road side, within the school campus and Govt. lands to promote local environment. The children and the youths enthusiastically were participated the program.

National Environment Awareness Program(NEAC)

We have been implemented NEAC program supported by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India through its Nodal Agency through its nodal agency in Jharkhand. Several awareness campaign and Action program ahs been organized on bio-diversity and environment awareness with the children and youths.

Anti-Drug Awareness

Anti-Drug awareness has been organized by our organization with the youths to inform them about the ill effects of drug use. About 300 youths has been aware on the issue.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Dhanbad district is a high risk areas for HIV infection is the hidden and open sex sites in Colliery areas, G.T. Road side Dhabas/Hotels and due to flouting sex workers (FSW) from nearby Asansol area of West Bengal. There are huge migrant labourers reside in the area involved with several manual jobs are severally vulnerable and risk prone to HIV. So we have started the HIV awareness supported by JSACS. Several initiatives has been undertaken to halt the disease in the area.

HIV can only be move through sex, blood, dirty needles or other instruments and from a mother to a child. Worldwide, more than three out of four people with HIV became infected from having heterosexual sex (sex between men and women). But in some countries the majority of people with HIV are drug injectors (people who used needles to inject drugs that are usually illegal, like heroin) and men who have had sex with men (MSM). In our target area, there is huge number of such cases found till now.

MANTHAN is currently running the Target intervention projects awareness of HIV/AIDS among the MSM & FSW sponsored by JSACS and Pehchan (MTH) Project sponsored by SAATHII in Dhanbad District. MSM TI project works with only 506 populations of MSM groups, 752 population of FSW group & 2000 above MTH (MSM, TG, HIJRA) groups in Dhanbad district. TI follows all activities which has assigned by JSACS.

The current year strategies of MANTHAN is working with JSACS & SAATHII partners is to implement the TI & Pehchan project’s community residing in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. Our Strategies will be to promote awareness generation among the high risk behavior groups about various aspects for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, behavior change communication, promotion of condoms usage for safer sex i.e. enabling environment, and fighting against HIV/AIDS. MANTHAN has expertise and well experience in the field of HIV/AIDS. It is familiar with various aspect of this deadly disease. The organization has capability to implement of TI project with effective and better output in the proposed project area. It has well developed organization structure management team as well as experts to monitoring, supervising, and documents and presents the report as per requirement.

The organization will implement the TI & Pehchan program in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. The objective of TI project is to prevent STDs/HIV/AIDS transmission by awareness, education, information, counseling, advanced counseling and clinical services in the target area year, to promoter safer behavior of the community particularly the high risk behavioral groups and increasing the awareness of STD/HIV/AIDS among the women like FSWs and community residing beside them and to stress and importance of quality of STD care by increasing their health seeking behavior. Changing flash myths and misconception is high and the attitudinal change of high risk behavior groups as well as other community people influence by this people.

School for Childrens

Our organization has been running one school for children in which 200 children has been studying from Nursery to Class-X. Joyful and innovative learning has been given to the children.