Few Words

Chief Functionary & Secretary

Mr. Biplab Mahato is the founder of Manthan. He is kind and noble person with an aim of spreading literacy to every person. To spread quality service to the nation and also to spread awareness for the deadly disease AIDS is our prime motto. People of India, has some cultural issues. So, they treat affected peoples like they are punished by God and they should stay away from society. Our primary goal plays important role in changing this wicked mindset.

About Manthan

Manthan has been successfully running as a Non Government Organisation (NGO) for over 10 years with the objective of capacity building underprivileged and marginalized groups of society through education, skill development and communication. The founders of the organisation identified the need to build capacity at both individual and community levels to improve the quality of life of the entire communities in which Manthan operates.

Our vision is the creation of an environment where people can enjoy opportunity for their wholesome development. Thematic Areas- Manthan works over five broad and interrelated areas of intervention. Capacity Building & Skill Upgrading in Education, Development Communication, Governance & Decentralization, Research & Advocacy, Environment & livelihood Major Intervention Areas under different projects- Popularising Science & Technology amongst the masses with the support of the NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India Sensitizing the masses through film festivals with the support of CMS, New Delhi and the Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Jharkhand Environmental Awareness campaigns with the support of Gram Vikas Kendra and Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India Media Initiatives for ensuring reproductive health and reproductive issues on Jharkhand and Bihar Amplifying voice of people through Community Radio in Angara block, Ranchi and Kisko Block, Lohardaga. Community Radio and Wall Newspaper to raise awareness on health issues in most marginalized areas, particularly with a focus on health of women health issues. Communication Resource agency on RTI and NREGS for PACS programme in Jharkhand National Volunteering initiative to empower marginalized communities to address issues most relevant to them. Advocacy for local self-governance in Jharkhand & strengthening Local Self Governance Addressing education of marginalized groups such as Primitive Tribes Research Program on Panchayati Raj and Traditional Self Governance in Jharkhand Bridge Course Camp school for children in Slums Education & Science workshops and popularisation through use of media tools Computer Literacy trainings